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          January 14, 2020Recalled Thompson’s WaterSeal Aerosol Wood and Masonry Protectors
          The Thompson’s Company Recalls Aerosol Waterproofing Wood and Masonry Protectors Due to Fire Hazard
          January 9, 2020Recalled Libbey 33.5 oz. Milk Bottle
          Libbey Glass Recalls Milk Bottles Due to Laceration Hazard
          January 9, 2020Recalled Little Bambino tricycle – red
          Thesaurus Global Marketing Recalls Tricycles Due to Violation of the Federal Lead Paint Ban; Risk of Poisoning; Sold Exclusively at Amazon.com (Recall Alert)
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          Small businesses can determine which consumer product safety rules may apply to their product by using CPSC's new Regulatory Robot, an innovative and free resource for small businesses.

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